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We've discovered, in our years of serving sports-related organizations, that no two clubs are the same.

Even two clubs, serving the same sport and belonging to the same association, although similar are always different ... different in the way they are structured ... different in the way they manage their processes ... and different in the way they collect and use their data.

We recognized, long ago, that our club management and online registration system solutions had to serve the core requirements of all sports organizations, but at the same time had to be flexible enough to conform to the differences that are inherent in every organization.

In addition to everything you expect an online registration solution to do, our online registration solutions can serve multiple sports, can exchange data with other systems, and can simplify club paper-pushing and get you back on the field with the players.

But most importantly, our online registration solutions can become exactly what you need them to be. With most national online registration vendors, your club is a square peg in their round hole, and your club must adapt to the vendor's cookie-cutter registration solution.

At Data Blueprints, our online registration solutions are custom-tailored to how you manage your club and how you need to collect and process data. And because of this approach, our online registration solution will evolve as your club evolves.

National "big box" providers of online registration solutions try so hard to accommodate the needs of the masses that they end up with a solution that is so generic that it serves the needs of only the few.

Data Blueprints recognizes that your sports organization is just a bit different than the others, and we'll customize your data systems for the perfect fit.

Features of our online registration solution include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • easily manage multiple sports
  • easily propogate your data to other systems or export your data in various formats
  • family-based data architecture (one login per family; multiple players per family)
  • mass-email solutions for getting the word out
  • collect player images with the player record
  • configurations available for early bird discounts, late fees, multi-player discounts, volunteer opt-out fees, and field fees
  • volunteer management
  • rich suite of reports
  • team management utilities
  • self-administration of drop-down fields
  • outstanding balance tools for collections management
  • built-in accounting system to help track payments and family balances
  • customization of the database and the applications beyond simple self-administration tools

If you're a local soccer club in Western Pennsylvania, reasons why you would consider our online registration tools over others are as follows:

  • If your teams participate in multiple associations, such as PA West AND US Club, your parents need only register once at one website, and we'll transfer your data to either US Club or PA West as required.
  • If you manage multiple sports, your parents need only register at one website for all their children regardless of the sport they play.  And we'll help you transfer your data to other associations as required.
  • Do you require greater control over you club data?
  • Do you feel more comfortable having local developers who you can call or meet in person as required?