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So you have something to sell, and you want to sell it online.  Without even getting to know you, we can tell you right now that your two biggest challenges will be:

  • maintaining your product data
  • driving customers to your website

Building the online store and putting the store into production is the easy part.  Populating the store with product data and then getting people to buy the products are often daunting tasks.

Product data, with small online stores, is not so much a challenge.  But if you are offering hundreds of products, and if those products change often (ie. prices, descriptions, images), you can find yourself swamped on a weekly basis with the task of changing your product data.

The eCommerce solutions we offer at Data Blueprints simplifies the task of maintaining your product data.  We offer easy-to-use tools to help you manage products, product data, and product images.  

Similarly, these same tools help you maintain customer data, fulfill orders, and pull reports on sales activity. Adding new products, running sales, creating coupon codes, and taking credit cards are breeze with our store-management tools and solutions.

Driving traffic to your online store is a matter for our SEO and marketing services, and we have quite a few tricks and ideas for not only driving the customer to your online store, but also to entice them to buy.