"We’re happy to report the member families of the Amador Friends of Music (AFM) are very excited and satisfied with the new website you created for us.

Just two short months ago, AFM decided to replace our old website, built on an outdated platform and requiring support that did not withstand the weight of a growing organization.  Today, the new website is the go-to site for all of the 231 marching band families who will be dependent on daily communication for the next 100 days.

We look forward to the expansion of the website content into all of the ensembles of the AmadorValleyHigh School music department.  When all is done, the website will be supporting the communication, organizational and fundraising activities for 400 musicians, their families, 7 ensembles, and 2 directors of music programs acclaimed at state and national levels.

We especially want to compliment Data Blueprints for the quick response to our needs.  Within two weeks, the new site was ready to go live with content that surpassed the old website.  Within a month, you delivered a registration system that met our unique needs and today, all of the marching band families are registered.  Our questions and calls for support were always met with prompt and helpful replies.

We also want to pass on the compliments of many of our members for the overall effect of the website.  There is praise for the look and feel of the website, and appreciation of your attention to our colors and the use of our own images in the graphics design.  Members find the layout easy to navigate and are grateful for the ease of the registration process.

AFM is making good use of the ability to delegate content management across the organization.  This will help us keep the website fresh and relevant, while the work is dispersed.

Overall, AFM is a very satisfied customer.  Congratulations for your work, and thank you!"

"Data Blueprints Club Management solution is the ultimate way for any Soccer organization to keep their members up to date.  The news is fresh, and the Field Closures can be changed at a moments notice.  With this application, more than one person in the organization can help with the upkeep of the site. Chuck's iContact.com integration has turned our club's database into a virtual direct line to our members with over a thousand emails going out in a flash. The on-line registration system has totally streamlined the way the club does business and assists the coordinators to get ready for each season."

"The Online Registration Center makes my job so easy. With only one short lesson, I was totally comfortable using it to complete registration for my club - not just for us - but for PA West as well. Chuck is also great support whenever I have questions."

"The Data Blueprints Online Registration Center and interactive website was the perfect solution for the CMYSA. As a technical Board Member for the CMYSA for several years, we have struggled to get one system to handle online registrations, club activities, news, mailers, team formations, etc. With this solution everything we need is in one package and designed to work in the PA West Soccer system. As most clubs and associations like the CMYSA, we are all volunteers with limited time to spend on the administration functions of our organization after coaching a team or two. With this solution we have not only gained efficiencies but also have saved a lot of time. This solution has been our plan for a long time, and it has turned out to exceed our expectations. Chuck thank you for providing this opportunity to the CMYSA and thank you for all of the help you have given us to get this new solution implemented for our players, parents and board members.

At our travel tryouts this week, I had 2 laptops with broadband cards installed so we could register players on the spot using this system. It was great and we had so many comments about how technical we are. It really made registration much easier."

"I have found the reporting tools to the Online Registration module to be absolutely amazing! The reports for PA West are set up perfectly. It will cut my administrative/typing time in half. I have been using the Online Registration Module of the database for about a month now. I have found that it is very user friendly and am looking forward to doing my Registrar reports for PA West. I never imagined how easy they could be."

"We purchased the online registration center from Data Blueprints in May of 2007. In a matter of days, we went from processing 100% of our registrations on paper to 100% online with very little involvement on our part. Team formation is much easier with real time head counts as registrations are submitted. PA-West registration time down to hours instead of days. We were even able to pay 100% of the cost of the system by collecting opt out volunteer fees."