Tarentum has its own Web site

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Information Age has arrived in Tarentum, at least where municipal government is concerned.

The borough now has an Internet site to provide residents, visitors and prospective businesses information about the community and its government. Borough Manager Bill Rossey said the Web site has been operating for about two weeks. The new Web site address is www.tarentumboro.com.

It is only one of a few Web sites operated by municipalities in northeastern Allegheny County.

Harrison, O'Hara, West Deer and East Deer townships and Plum and Fox Chapel boroughs are the others in the region.

"I've been working on it probably for six months," Rossey said.

He said the design and construction of the site was done by Chuck Maiden of Data Blueprints in Pleasant Hills.

Along with the design and construction cost, he said it will cost the borough about $300 a year paid to Data Blueprints as a hosting fee.

"It allows people to see what is going on in the borough," Rossey said. "There is an events calendar. There are pictures. If people want to move here we want to give them something to go on."

He sees the Web site as a service to borough residents.

"If they need to get a building permit, demolition permit, those are all there so they can download it right there," Rossey said. "We have our own utilities, our water and electric and we are working to where you can go to your utility account and view it and eventually pay your utility bills on line.

"Eventually, we'll tie it into the tax office so you'll be able to pay your taxes online also."

In addition to information on borough government, including e-mail addresses for Rossey and other borough officials as well as phone numbers, there is also information on the borough's three fire companies and ambulance unit, Highlands School District and churches.

There's also is a link to the Allegheny Valley Chamber of Commerce and he said eventually there will be a link to the Allegheny County Web site.

"We're certainly open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas or anything they would like to see," Rossey said. "This is just a start. I just feel that this is one way we can really communicate with the community."

One thing that the site will not be used for is political campaigning, he said.

"It was always something I thought we should have, even when I was on council," Rossey said. "It's a computer world we live in. People can click on that wherever they are and find out what's going on in Tarentum."


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