Owner, Ace Joomie, LAMP Luminary, Internet Enthusiast, & Shutterbug

chuckChuck has been working with the Internet before it was even called the Internet.  In 1993, Chuck connected an Ingres database to a website, and that one achievement set the direction for nearly the next 20 years.  

In 1996, Data Blueprints was born, and the focus has always been on "websites that solve real business problems".  Web-enabled databases, database driven websites, and content management became the order of the day.

Today you can count on Chuck for his Joomla expertise, his large background with the LAMP platform (and Open Source), and his general enthusiasm for the Internet.

You'll also often find Chuck behind the camera when it comes to filling orders for the new Data Imprints photography services.

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/charlestmaiden 


LAMP Luminary, Developer Hero, Fearless Bug Hunter, Rocket Man

daveWhen the going gets tough, Dave gets going.  Dave is our primary PHP/mySQL developer with a significant background in "all things Web".  Dave is our problem solver ... our database designer, our applications architect, our "Number One".

What we love about Dave's development is that once it goes "production", it often operates trouble-free with little or no support required.


Microsoft-ian, Mobile Daredevil, Ace Joomie


The one thing most people are surprised to find out about Branden is that, above and beyond his vast technical expertise, Branden is an EMT and a teacher of EMT services.

That aside, if you read through our website, you'll eventually discover that most of our solutions are built on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP/Perl) platform.  And although Branden knows much about the LAMP environment, he's the guy we run to when customer require services on the Microsoft side of the web development fence.  Mobile applications are also his forte.


Pixel Artisan, Design Hero, Junior Joomie

sarahSarah is the artsy magician behind many of the graphics that you see on our websites.  If you can dream it, she can design it.  Logos, site graphics, and photography are just a few of Sarah's contributions to the projects here at Data Blueprints.

Sarah also manages content on our websites, and very often, you'll find her behind a camera when photography services are needed.


Jr. Joomla Hero


Rachael is the youngest member of our team, but don't let that fool you.  She can work alongside even the best Joomla veterans when it comes to content management. 


Hosting Services Ninja, Support Heroes

pairWe could not complete a list of our team members without mentioning Pair Networks.  Since 1996, Data Blueprints has partnered with Pair Networks to provide our customers with the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective hosting solutions available today.

Not once in the 16 years that Data Blueprints has utilized Pair Networks as it's hosting platform have we found even the slightest reason to look elsewhere for a hosting partner. Their level of support is unequaled.  Their data center is not only environment-controlled, but also environmentally friendly.  Their support team is available 24/7/365, and security is a priority focus.