Shoot Higher

Custom Web Application DevelopmentCUSTOM APPLICATIONS.  Custom web applications are as unique as you are, and they help you achieve "exactly" what you need when off-the-shelf web solutions just won't do.

Application and Database IntegrationINTEGRATION.  Your sales software doesn't talk to your project management software, and your project management software doesn't talk to your billing solution.  We can get them talking again. 

Be Productive in the CloudCLOUD DEVELOPMENT.  You're probably already using cloud-based services.  Cloud computing can completely change the way you use technology to service customers, partners, and suppliers.

Mobile Application DevelopmentMOBILE APPLICATIONS.  It's not just about iPads, Droids, Blackberrys, and tablet PCs.  It's about enabling users in remote locations to work effectively.





Go ahead ... Shoot Higher, Dream Big!

This is where Data Blueprints separates itself from other web design firms.  We have as much experience with database technologies as we do with Internet technologies.  When you marry those two technologies, then you start to solve real business problems.

Online registration systems, data collection forms, event registration, support ticket systems ... just a few examples of what happens when databases are web-enabled.  Over 70% of our business begins with a customer looking for Custom Applications.  

Imagine the efficiency that could be gained if you delegate the upkeep of your office systems data to the customer?  Sharing your office systems ... your accounting systems or billing systems on the web for example ... are just the beginning.  Your office processes no longer have to be a one-way street pushing data out to the customer.  The customer can now have a secure and efficient Integration with your office systems.

Better yet, let's take those office systems out of the office and put them in the Cloud.  Cloud computing can completely change the way you use technology to service customers, partners, and suppliers.  Data Blueprints can cast a little sunshine on the Cloud and make it affordable too.

What good is a custom web application that only runs on a PC?  Why integrate your office systems if you can't access them whenever and wherever you want?  These are the days of iPads, Blackberrys, and Driods, and enabling users in remote locations means increased productivity and happier customers.  Data Blueprints has a proven track record with Mobile Applications.